2019 Ultimate Habitat House Party Dufferin

Jan 1, 2019 |

In the last two years, we’ve had a tremendous amount of support from our community. This has led us to where we are today: providing two local families with a hand-up into affordable home ownership and acquiring property that lets us begin to build approximately 10 homes in the next two years. We couldn’t have done this without our donors, partners and volunteers! Thank you.

But homeownership for two families – or even 10 families – is not enough. So, we’re stepping forward with a commitment to find a more innovative approach to the Habitat model, ensuring that affordable housing can be made available for more people in our community.

To do this, Habitat WDG is hosting a two-day conference with community leaders. Our purpose is to develop a plan that will address the problem of affordable housing on a scale that impacts more people in our community.

This planning requires focus, determination and an investment in time and resources. With that in mind, we have decided to take a step back to step ahead. Our 2019 Ultimate Habitat House Party – originally scheduled for September – will be deferred until we have collectively crafted a plan that will build affordable housing on a scale that gets us closer to achieving our vision of a world where everyone has a safe, decent and affordable place to live.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for your ongoing support! We are always in need of donations, volunteers, sponsors and partners. You can learn more about the many ways to give at: habitatgw.ca/donate.

We are looking forward to building with you to break the cycle of poverty!

Please contact events@habitatgw.ca for further information.