An update from Elizabeth and André

Jun 2, 2020 |
Elizabeth and André June 2020
Elizabeth and André June 2020

celebrating their first year in their new home

Dear friends,

Since Day 1, it has felt so awesome to be at Cityview Village. Every day is a surprise day. I couldn’t be more thankful for how far me and André have gone. I feel the sense of achievement. I feel safe and contented.

We have a perfect view of the lake, and our home is in such a great location. André gets to enjoy biking and more of nature. He loves every space in our new home. When we moved in, he planned how his room would look and made it an awesome spot for himself.

We celebrated Victoria Day safely at Cityview Village recently. There were sparklers, freezies, a glow in the dark party, Zumba, and an outside movie! I want to thank my friends and neighbours who came together to make it such a fun day for the children. At Cityview Village, we treat each other as a family, one community, and we care for each other’s well-being.

If I could give myself from 5 years ago some advice, I would say to always have heart, and don’t easily get discouraged. If you want to reach a goal, you need to strive hard no matter how hard the process may seem. Hard work is not a waste…and in the end, there’s always a reward waiting.

I feel that I am far beyond blessed. I never gave up on my hopes and dreams. I feel God has blessed me, and Habitat served as an instrument for my dreams to become a reality. We will be always grateful to Habitat for this opportunity to have our own place. We are feeling complete and always joyful. This home is a dream come true for me and André.

We are looking forward to more fun for this summer… and we are all praying that the COVID-19 situation will soon be gone.

Stay safe,