How to Start the Process

Step 1

Complete the Eligibility Questionnaire

Interested families are encouraged to fill out our Eligibility Questionnaire. Full honesty is required. Any misinformation or dishonesty will lead to automatic disqualification, and you will not be allowed to re-apply for our program for 1 year.

Step 2

Await Response 

All applicants will receive a response, they will be told if they meet our basic eligibility. Only eligible families will be invited to watch our Information Session and fill out our Full Application.

Step 3

Information Session

If you meet our basic eligibility criteria you will be sent a link to our information sessions. This will cover important information about Habitat for Humanity GW, our Homeownership Program, and our mortgage model.

  • Watch all information videos, and rewatch any video that is confusing. Ensure you understand how the Habitat for Humanity GW Homeownership model works and how it is different from conventional homeownership.
  • If, after watching the video, you have questions that have not been answered, send us an email at the email address provided in the video

Step 4

Fill out and Submit our Full Online Application

  • Use the Full Application Check List provided to gather all the required supporting documents before you start filling out the application
  • All supporting documents will need to be in PDF, JPEG or HEIC format to upload to your application
  • Many of these documents are mandatory, so you will only be able to complete your application and submit once all required documentation is attached/uploaded to your application
  • We require full honesty and transparency. Any dishonesty, misleading or intentionally missing information will lead to immediate disqualification, and you will not be allowed to re-apply for a period of 1 year

Step 5

Pre-Approval with External Lender

  • Habitat GW staff will help connect you with our supported lenders
  • Applicants will require a pre-approval for financing from an external lender

Step 6

Interview Period

  • Applicants whom we move forward with will be invited for 2 different interviews.
    • 1st Interview: with our Family Services Committee
    • 2nd interview: with our Family Partnerships Lead

Step 7

Approval Process

  • Conditional approval will be offered to families
  • Volunteer hours commence.
  • Homeowner Education commences.

Step 8

Move-In/Interim Occupancy

  • Once the construction of the home is complete and the family has completed their volunteer hours we can schedule a move-in date
  • While the Declarant registers the Condominium the family will be in an interim occupancy period
    • You will pay an occupancy fee during this time
    • All heating and operating costs are the responsibility of the family
  • Once the Condominium is registered title will transfer and the family will be the owner of the home