Family & Property Lead

Jun 11, 2021 |

Position Title: Family & Property Lead
Reporting to: Chief Executive Officer

At Habitat for Humanity Guelph Wellington (HFHGW) we believe that a better future starts at home, but it doesn’t stop there. With each new build project we undertake, we hope to provide a solid foundation for families, seniors, those with disabilities and others of need, to grow and engage in their community. We have set significant growth targets in the expansion of our mission and changing needs of the community. Now, instead of building one home, we are building whole communities. Serving more families means greater fundraising, deeper partnerships, advancing ReStore revenues and embarking on a new level of community connectedness. 

Executive Summary

The Family & Property Lead is responsible for the coordination and delivery of Habitat GW’s affordable housing program from recruitment to selection to ongoing satisfaction and success of partner families across our catchment area. The scope of this role is diverse, and encompasses oversight of all legal, Real Estate, property management and mortgage related requirements under Habitat GW’s affordable housing program.

The role collaborates with Habitat GW’s build leads in site selection, planning, and budgeting, and ensures that family move-ins are coordinated in partnership with build timelines and program requirements, and any home deficiencies are addressed. This position works collaboratively with Finance, Communications and Volunteer departments to ensure Family Services operational priorities are met. 

The role liaises with current Habitat GW partner families, the condominium corporation and the property management corporation to address inquiries and provides information, guidance, and support to selected families in regards to maintenance, financial management, communications with the property management company and the condo board, and other items that may arise. 

The role serves as the main point of contact for current and applicant families. This involves recruiting eligible families for the program and supporting interested families through the application process. It also involves working with the volunteer Family Selection Committee to select and onboard eligible families into the program. The role is tasked with ensuring selected families are provided with case management, homeowner education, and post-purchase support. This role is further responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of the Family Services department and in ensuring effective work plans, procedures, deliverables and timelines are met. The position involves and promotes outreach to build and establish relevant partnerships with community and social services organizations and government agencies, and delivers affordable housing information sessions in the community. 

The role, along with all staff, also supports the capacity and growth of Habitat GW, as the organization continues to increase the number of homes built and families served in the local community, and works closely with Habitat GW’s build, volunteer and communications teams to support communications and volunteer engagement initiatives and to ensure program policies and procedures are aligned and maintained. 

Required Skills & Experience

  • Knowledge of policies and regulations related to the provision of mortgage administration and homeownership
  • Background in Social Services within a policy environment – preferably within a Real Estate context
  • Familiarity with the Landlord Tenants Act and condominium regulations
  • Ability to set and implement the strategic direction of a complex multi-faceted department
  • Excellent in leading, mentoring and developing a diverse and engaged team to meet operational priorities
  • Believe in the Mission, Vision and Values of Habitat GW

If interested in this opportunity, please contact for full details.