Looking for land

We are looking for the next big opportunity

Do you have property/land to offer and would like to discuss future build opportunities with us?

In order to meet the need of our community for affordable housing, we need to be constantly looking for the next big opportunity.  Acquiring land is one of our greatest challenges. Land gives us the opportunity to house more families. To support our efforts, we are building a land and property inventory.

We are seeking land throughout Guelph and Wellington County. While we will gratefully consider donations of land, we are also very much interested in entertaining reasonable sale offers, as we recognize the long-term value that such an investment can create for our communities.

We are looking for land in safe areas of our communities.  Both vacant land and existing buildings needing redevelopment are of interest to us. Locations in proximity to transportation, healthy food sources, and community services such as elementary schools, daycare services and affordable extra curricular activities are ideal.

How can you help?
– Reach out to us or send referrals to us, for land and property development opportunities and ideas. We want to work with you!
– Consider us in your will! Future donations of land, property, or funds will help us plan for the future. Contact us today to start a conversation.

If you have an idea about a future development for your property, reach out to us! We would be happy to discuss ideas for growth and development that support our affordable housing initiatives.

Please contact us for more information:

Steve Howard, CEO

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

Looking for a different way to support us? Ask us about investing in a community bond.