Partnership Opportunities

Partnership with Habitat for Humanity – Making Our Community Stronger by Providing Affordable Housing

These are challenging times. We seek your support to assist us in making our communities stronger and paying it forward for generations to come.

We are:

  • A volunteer driven organization providing affordable homeownership opportunities to low income families
  • Converting rent payments into home equity to break the cycle of poverty, strengthening families to the benefit of multiple generations and our community

We do this with the support of donors, our ReStores and long-term government financing that is directed to creating affordable housing.

We recognize that every organization has different capacities. We know your employees and members will be proud to be associated with the Habitat for Humanity brand. We wish to give community recognition of your support whenever feasible.

We offer three types of support for your consideration:

  1. Event Sponsor $1,000+ (recognition as a sponsor at all Habitat events)
  2. Partnership (levels including but not limited to):
    • Framing $5,000+
    • Building $10,000+
    • Foundation $15,000+
  3. Build Days: $2,500 (Please note: At this time we are fully subscribed. We will work this into new partnership agreements as opportunities become available.)

We also invite organizations to champion our Hearts for Homes program with their employees and members.

Our partners receive a variety of community recognition (including but not limited to):

  • In our Restores
  • Our quarterly Habitat Happenings newsletter
  • On our website
  • At our events
  • On our truck

We are pleased to discuss a mutual press release. We welcome multiple year partnerships.

Please contact us for more information:

Steve Howard – CEO

Thank you for considering a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Guelph Wellington.