Reflections on being a Habitat family

Nov 19, 2021 |

One of our Habitat family members at Cityview Village has summarized what it means to them to partner with Habitat, in the form of a poem!

Lory and Carla, jumping for joy!

Dear Habitat
2 years ago, I met some friends named Froggy, Ratty and Squirrely. Met these creatures when I’m mostly at home during the lockdown at the basement…. dear Habitat,

All nights and weekends, there were concerts going on, sounds from hydro, washing machine, dryer and stomping up on our ceiling… at the basement… dear Habitat,

Oh dear… what a struggle…. I haven’t had a good relaxing sleep, my health was fluctuating …. No food to eat, no kitchen to cook… at the basement…. At sixty… would you believe …dear Habitat,

One day it turned the wheel around when the opportunity came to live in a safe, peaceful, healthy, and happy environment…. Thanks to you dear Habitat,

I got my spirit back… waking up with energy… feeling better… finally, I can eat and cook my food … dear Habitat…

No words to describe… the joy it brings… just like Christmas every day… to tell me what a wonderful world to live… dear Habitat… my dear Habitat


Thank you to Lory for sharing this wonderful piece with us!

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