Start your new tradition

Gathering the kids to cook cherished family recipes … Enjoying song and dance with loved ones of all ages… Traditions are at the heart of the holidays, and they often have one thing in common. They’re rooted in the warmth and security of home.

But for the 1.7 million families in Canada experiencing housing insecurity, home doesn’t feel like a place to make happy memories. Instead, it’s a source of stress. Every family deserves a place to gather to nurture holiday traditions of their own.

Lory and her daughter Carla rented a basement from a caring family, but there was no kitchen, and nowhere to safely keep food. While the family upstairs lived their lives, Lory and Carla had no control over the temperature, often being too cold to sleep even in the summer.

This year, everything changed! Lory and Carla had the opportunity to partner with us to achieve their dream of a safe, stable home with a mortgage geared to their income. To Lory, it was the best gift she could have ever imagined. To Carla, having a mortgage in her name as a 20-something woman, was something to be proud of.

“We jumped for joy when we received our keys to our new home!”, Lory and Carla exclaimed.

Across Guelph and Wellington County, more families than ever are in need of this precious opportunity.

As you read this, our team is working on some truly impressive build plans for 2022 and beyond, with a bold vision. Once construction is underway we anticipate building approximately 75 homes in the Guelph Wellington community. Your support will truly make a difference. It’s an investment in the future for families and our community, one with generational and lasting impact.

This holiday season, as you are looking for that perfect gift for someone special, consider what the gift of home means to families like Lory and Carla’s. Donate in honour of a loved one. Shop at the ReStore for that one-of-a-kind gift. Purchase a gift card to the ReStore. These are just some of the ways you can help!

Your support of Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore will empower more families in our community to realize their dream of an affordable home of their own. When you give this special opportunity to a family, it means so much more than just a home… You’ll help families break free from the obstacles that are holding them back. You’ll open the door to a happier, healthier, more financially stable future. Is there any better way to start a new tradition than by giving the gift of home?

Please complete the form below to make a donation to help local families transform their futures. You can also join our Hearts for Homes monthly giving program.

We also accept donations of new and gently used household items to the ReStore. Learn more and donate to the ReStore HERE.

Did you know that many employers have a matching gift program? Check with your employer to find out if your donation is eligible for a matching amount.