Tacoma Engineers Inc.

Mar 11, 2020 |

A proud supporter for over ten years!

According to Mike Gilles, President of Tacoma Engineers, ” Our concept of housing and engineering are well-aligned with Habitat for Humanity Wellington Dufferin Guelph.” From the time Tacoma’s management team decided to make Habitat WDG their charity of choice, their staff were thoroughly engaged. They have enjoyed being on the build sites and working together on Habitat’s various builds. Tacoma’s expertise  in framing has been a great addition to several of our build projects in the community.

“It’s all about community”, says Mike. Mike and Tacoma believe in supporting their community by utilizing their core competency of structural engineering, and the connection with Habitat WDG has always been a natural fit.

In 1986, Jack Tacoma, founder of Tacoma Engineers, served on Habitat’s build committee and was a critical member in support of the build locations and design  for many years. Jack is still Tacoma’s ambassador within the community and the Tacoma team is proud of that role.

Mike believes that his job as a leader is to grow and develop the team and further develop employee ownership in Tacoma’s plans and mission. Tacoma employees serve on Habitat’s board and assist in decision-making. In addition, Mike supports nurturing and strengthening each employee’s ambition for growth and enthusiasm in their roles at Tacoma. Tacoma is happy about the fact that the bulk of their work is local, and also proud that it spans across Canada and the U.S. They have managed over 34,000 projects to date with professionalism and the highest degree of quality.

Thank you to Tacoma Engineers Inc. for their continued support of the Habitat WDG mission!

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