The feeling of home

Dec 7, 2022 |

There’s nothing that compares. 

Nothing that feels quite as satisfying as walking within and around these walls. The walls that you spent days painting.  Running a finger along the wainscotting that your children helped their community members install. 

Home.  This isn’t just a place to live, like all the others have been. Not just a place to stay for now.  It’s not a passing through place.

It’s security.  It’s safety.  It’s the sound of footsteps padding down the stairs, the smell of coffee brewing and the taste of pancakes fresh off the griddle on Saturday morning.

It’s homework on the kitchen table, and dishes in the sink and clanging pots and pans.  A safe and comfortable space where roots can dig in deep. 

Home.  It’s watching a neighbour struggle to put up their holiday lights and running over with a ladder to offer an extra set of hands.  It’s finding that same neighbour right next to you when you’re clearing the snow from your driveway.

This feeling, this idea of home is not something to be held high above reach, to be outside the grasp of average everyday people.  It’s not a feeling meant only for a select group of people.

Home is created.  It is built.  It’s warm and peaceful and it’s a trying challenge. Blood sweat and tears are embedded in its walls.  But so are gratitude, drive, and ambition.  All of this is the feeling of home.


Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just build houses – we help people create homes. The layers of community involvement required to see our projects in Guelph and Wellington County come to life are a firm foundation on which to build a solid home.  The families who commit to receiving the hand up that we provide are looking at a future that includes this beautiful feeling of home.  All contributions of time and funds from our community play an important role in supporting the feeling of home being more readily accessible. To learn more about how you can gift someone on your list the satisfaction of being a part of this work please click here