Homeownership Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Potential applicants must live or be employed full time within Guelph Wellington for at least 1 year prior to applying
  • All applicant’s or co-applicant’s must be Canadian citizens or Permanent residents
  • At least one applicant or co-applicant must be employed full time or full time equivalent
  • At least one applicant or co-applicant(s) must have at least 3 years of employment history in Canada
  • Preference will be given to First Time Homebuyers
  • Applicant and co-applicant(s) cannot afford to purchase a home through the conventional market
  • No recent bankruptcies and no recent consumer proposals (must be discharged at least 2 years ago)
  • Currently live in unsafe, unsuitable, and/or unaffordable living conditions
  • Willing to partner with HFH GW

Ability to Pay a Mortgage

Families need to demonstrate their ability to pay an affordable mortgage and sound financial management including:

  • Stable employment income 
  • Responsible debt management
  • Fair or better credit report on Equifax Credit report
  • Primary source of household income must be employment income. Supplementary sources of income (Child Tax Benefit, Employment Insurance, Child Support, etc.), will not be included in household income.
  • The household gross income must fit within our income limits: $64,500-$113,000
  • Applicants and co-applicants will be asked to submit several documents to support their financial status, including but not limited to current employment proof, debt statements, a current credit report, and asset statements

Need for Affordable Housing

In addition to the minimum requirements, families are also considered for a Habitat home if:

  • Current living conditions are unsafe or unhealthy (e.g., inadequate structure, unsafe wiring, heating, air quality, water, poor sanitization, etc.).
  • Current living conditions are unsuitable (e.g., overcrowded, inaccessible, etc.).
  • Current housing costs are too high (e.g.: basic shelter costs are more than 30% of total household income)
  • They are unable to afford homeownership through other conventional means

Willingness to Partner

Each family approved for Habitat Homeownership becomes a partner in our work. Habitat families are our greatest ambassadors, and as such are asked to help with a variety of initiatives that advance our mission and support our community

Each selected family will be asked to fulfill the following partnership requirements.

  • Contribute up to 500 volunteer hours towards the construction of homes or a variety of other Habitat projects and community partnerships
  • Commit to a homeownership and mortgage agreement with Habitat for Humanity GW
  • Participate in homeowner education training and workshops
  • Be an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity GW and represent the mission – this involved (1) understanding and agreeing with our model (2) speaking about your experience with HFH GW at events, media interviews and/or in videos to help promote our organization’s work to the public